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Experts in their respective specialties and men in the field, each trainer joined the team

HTC Vertical Techniquesfor its ability to transmit knowledge, to supervise and animate a group and to adapt its pedagogy according to the public and the level of experience.

Graduated and experienced, our staff will put their knowledge and professional experience at your service to achieve the educational and operational training objectives.

And because we make no room for improvisation or compromise with safety, our team of trainers and consultants is "retrained" every year in First Aid (SST) and Rescue and evacuation techniques at height and on strings.

Diplomas and qualifications of our Trainers and Consultants:  

IRATA Level 3I/3  / SPRAT Level 3 et CQP Cordiste Level 2 

GWO Full BST Onshore and Offshore

PPE checker for falls from height

Checker and installer of anchors and lifelines EN 795

Rescuer in confined spaces

SST (Occupational Rescuer)

Our team is made up of several nationalities, which allows us to adapt our modules toworking at height training, IRATA rope access training and GWO wind training  in several languages or bilingually in English, German and Spanish on our technical platforms in Marseille_Peypin (13), Nantes_Chateaubriant (44) and Lille_Leforest (62) and in metropolitan France - DOM/TOM and the international.

Would you like to join our team of trainers / consultants?

Please send us your application(CV + diplomas)

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