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Registration for a training course

For any registration to une IRATA training, GWO wind training an internship by work at height training, rope access or safety/prevention training, simply send us the registration form previously sent by the HTC Techniques Verticales team.

You can also ask us by email

To register for an IRATA Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 training session in Nantes_Chateaubriant or Lille_Leforest or Marseille_Peypin  Click here

To register for a GWO training session in Nantes_Chateaubriant or Lille_Leforest or Marseille_Peypin  Click here

Deadline and places of intervention_Customer site

In France or abroad, our deadline for setting up your work at height training,rope access training, IRATA training, confined space training and GWO training is within ten days. Upon receipt of your order form, we find the best skill in line with your problem and we take care of all the educational, logistical and operational formalities.

Trainee Skills Assessment

Each training theme provided by HTC Techniques Verticales is framed by specifications and by the achievement of targeted training objectives. To do this, each trainee is followed by an individual skills assessment sheet throughout the duration of their training in work at height, rope access, IRATA, safety, confined spaces,...)_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

End of training documents

At the end of each training action and following the evaluation of the skills of your employees, participants or their employer are given a certificate of the end of training and of their abilities to certify the achievement of the practical and theoretical objectives, dated and signed by HTC Techniques Verticales.

Since IRATA training courses are subject to a final exam, success is sanctioned by the publication of a professional rope access card, a certificate and a skills booklet called the "IRATA Log Book".

Duration of training 

The programs ofworking at height trainingand orrope access courseshave been developed by the HTC Techniques Verticales teaching team to guarantee maximum safety for trainees. Depending on the experience of the trainees, it is possible to reduce the course after carrying out a skills assessment prior to the training. For other themes, we follow the regulations in force or even beyond.

For IRATA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 training, the duration is42 hours or 6 days(exam included) on our technical training platforms: Peypin_Région Sud-PACA (15 min from Marseille) Chateaubriant_Loire atlantique (Between Nantes and Rennes and Leforest_Région Hauts de France (20 min from Lille)



What does it say about working at height and working on ropes?


Decree  N°2004-924 of September 1, 2004 relating to work equipment made available and for work in temporary height stipulates that employees must receive a adequate and specific training in the planned operations and rescue procedures (Art.R-233-13-337 f)

Download the French decree for work at height and work on ropes,Click here

The concept of recycling working at height, working on ropes and IRATA International

Excluding rope access or scaffolder certifying training (CQP type) recycling on works in height and works_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-186bad5cf5 training remains at ld_on ropes appreciation of the employer, nevertheless it is advisable to update their skills every year or two years depending on the technicality of the training and the degree of requirement of the missions at work.

For trainees who have passed their exam during IRATA rope access training (Level.1, Lev.2 or Lev.3), the period of validity is 3 years from the date of obtaining it.

If your IRATA certificate validity date has passed, contact us to find out the procedure to follow

by clicking here 

FAQ Recommandations


Verification of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In accordance with the decree of March 19, 1993,periodic verification of PPE for falls from heightsmust be carried out annually by an auditor internal or external to the company. Following the control of PPE for falls from a height, the internal control register must be kept up to date.

HTC Techniques Verticales checkers travel to your company to inspect your equipment.

Lifespan of PPE

Textile equipment (harness, helmet, etc.) has a lifespan of 10 years. Metal PPE (connectors, descenders, fall arresters, etc.) can be used for life unless there is a major and exceptional event that alters their proper functioning. The lifespan of PPE for falls from heights is the storage time + use time. 

PPE verification documents

At the end of theverification of PPE for falls from a height, HTC Techniques Verticales sends you a complete control report for each "family" of PPE checked by us. 

Use of the trainee's PPE in training

Even if the equipment is made available by HTC Techniques Verticales for trainees and companies during IRATA training and GWO training, working at height training and rope access training, the latter are authorized to use their own equipment during the duration of the training.

Just send before the start of the training course,   the last verification of PPE dating from less than 12 months validated by an experienced inspector and trained in theverification of PPE for falls from a heightof Category 3.

For more information,consult us 

FAQ_Vérification EPI chutes de hauteur
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