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Regulatory reminder on working at height in France.

Decree of September 1, 2004 - Circular of June 27, 2005

Decree no. 2004-924 of September 1, 2004 relating to the use of work equipment made available for temporary work at height modifies the Labor Code (second part: Decrees issued by the Council of State) and decree no. 65-48 of January 8, 1965. It is the transposition of the European directive and specifies the conditions for using rope access work

Art. R.4323-89“Workers must receive adequate and specific training in the operations envisaged and in the rescue procedures. »

To be able to carry out work properly and safely in a working at height configuration, it is necessary to have received training in working at height orrope work training for:

  • Know the equipment for working at height

  • Know the regulations for working at height 

  • Know how to protect yourself from falls from heights

  • Know how to move in height and/or on 2 ropes

  • Know how to install a workstation at height

  • Know how to perform a rescue at height or in suspension

  • Knowing how to alert institutional emergency services 

Work at height training

Training French regulations on working at height 

Training Wearing the safety harness and fall arrest system

Training Installation and movement on a fixed and temporary lifeline

Training in working at height on unequipped sites

Training Work at height roofs, terraces and water tower 

Training Work at height on telecom pylon / GSM fitter

Work at height training on wooden and concrete poles

Training on engineering structures and historical monuments

Training installation and verification of anchors EN 795 

Training Work at height Supervision

Rope work training (qualifying)

Initiation and improvement in movements on ropes

Rope rescue training

Rope access training

Rope access training retraining 

Training in anchoring (permanent or temporary)

Training Control of anchors and equipment 

Training Rope work Supervision 


IRATA training (diploma)

IRATA Level 1 rope access training

IRATA Level 1 rope access training "Recycling"

Formation  cordiste IRATA Level 2

Formation  cordiste IRATA Level 2 "Recycling"

Rope access training  IRATA Level 3

Rope Technician Training  IRATA Level 3 "Recycling"

GWO Training Full BST 

GWO First Aid Training

GWO Manual handling training

GWO Fire Awareness Training

GWO Work at height training

GWO Sea Survival Training

Training Spaces Confined environments

Training Initiation to movement in a confined environment

Training Movements in silos and tanks

Confined Space Rescue Training 

Training Wearing and using the ARI 

PPE Controller / Verifier training for falls from heights

PPE Inspector / Verifier training for falls from heights (Initial and Retraining)

Know how to buy your PPE for working at height

Periodic check of PPE working at height

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