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Rope access training IRATA

HTC Techniques Verticales, rope access and work at height training center: the referent and the only oneIrata training center in France independent.

Rope access training from level 1 to level 3 over six days of irata training in one of our training centers, in Leforest, 20 minutes from Lille (1h35 from Paris and close to Brussels) and in Peypin, 15 minutes from Marseille and 1h15 from Nice.

The irata rope access training will allow you to export your expertise as a rope access technician all over the world. The Irata training is internationally recognized and equivalences with other rope access certifications are possible such as SPRAT in North America (USA and Canada) / FISAT (Germany)

A working at height and approved rope access training center will gota such as HTC Techniques Verticales provides the same irata training as other members around the world. Take your irata training in France or New Zealand or Brazil, the training programs are similar all over the world.

The rope access technician who has followed the irata level 1 training is able to carry out simple access missions on ropes under the supervision of an irata level 3 rope access technician.

The irata level 1 rope access training allows you to obtain a professional rope access card and a certificate which is valid for three years from the date of obtaining.

It is given to the trainee who has followed the irata level 1 training, an experience book called "log book" in order to insert his various professional experiences on ropes and to prepare for the passage of the irata level 2 training.


The rope access technician following irata level 2 training is a rope access technician who has followed irata level 1 training and whose experience between the two levels of irata training is a minimum of one thousand hours (1000h). 

The irata level 2 training allows you to acquire more rope access skills, especially in terms of rope rescue. The second level of irata training allows you to access irata level 3 training.

The rope access technician arriving at irata level 3 training is a professional who has completed the two previous irata training modules and has accumulated at least two thousand hours (2000h) of professional experience.

At this stage, it is strongly advised to correctly fill in the hours of your irata training log book in order to demonstrate all of your skills on the day of the exam.

Beyond the technical skills, the irata level 3 training allows the technician to acquire the knowledge of site supervisor through the management of rope access technicians in irata level 1 training and in irata level 2 training.

It also allows you to know the periodic verification of personal protective equipment against falls from a height.

The irata level 1 training, irata level 2 training and irata level 3 training certificates must be refreshed every three years in an irata training center such as HTC Techniques Verticales.

The duration of irata initial and refresher training is 6 days, i.e. 42 hours of training from Monday to Saturday inclusive.

Consult the schedule of ourirata rope access training in france 


Would you like to know the possibilities of accommodation during your irata training course in France at HTC Techniques Verticales? Consult us to receiveaccommodation guide.

Registering for IRATA training at HTC Techniques Verticales means choosing the only IRATA International approved training center in France to guarantee international knowledge and total independence.

Your training work  at height, confined space and IRATA rope access technician near marseille, vitrolles, nice, toulon, lille, salon de provence, peypin, montpellier, toulouse, dunkirk, lyon, grenoble; lehavre, leforest, paris, nantes, reindeer on practical sites approved and equipped with rope access industry and offshore.

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